TripIndex Breakfast compares the cost of an overnight stay in selected hotels with breakfast included, versus an overnight stay at the same hotel with breakfast eaten at a local restaurant, during the months of October and November in 37 key tourist cities around the world.

The study, conducted by independent research firm Ipsos, analyses the following costs; an overnight stay in a selected hotel with breakfast included, an overnight stay in a hotel without breakfast, the cost of the hotel breakfast alone, and the cost of breakfast in a local eatery.

It found that an overnight stay with breakfast included in Buenos Aires will only set you back £46.38, more than seven times less than the price of a stay with breakfast in the most expensive hotel destination in this study, New York City which comes in at an average of £342.90.

When it comes to the cost of a hotel breakfast versus the cost of eating breakfast in a local restaurant, the cheapest hotel breakfast can be found in Istanbul at an average price of £3.99 while the most expensive, at an average price of £19.29, is in Zurich.

Warsaw and Sharm el Sheikh tie for the title of cheapest local restaurant breakfast, both come in at an average of £3.03, while Hong Kong offers the most expensive local restaurant breakfast at an eye watering average of £23.95.

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For those travellers who don’t mind leaving the confines of the hotel in the morning, the TripIndex Breakfast study shows that for most destinations, opting for an accommodation only package and heading to a local restaurant for breakfast can save precious pounds.

For travellers choosing this option, the biggest saving can be made in Kuala Lumpur, where travellers can save an average of £17.10 by opting for a hotel package without breakfast and then dining locally, versus an overnight stay with hotel breakfast included. This is followed by Sydney where travellers can save an average of £13.92.

TripIndex Breakfast found that London is the fifth most expensive destination for an overnight stay with breakfast at £214.78 and fourth most expensive for accommodation only at £204.55.

The study showed that while choosing an accommodation only package in London is over £10 cheaper than a package that includes breakfast, when you consider that breakfast outside the hotel comes in at an average £9.88, the savings to be made by going for an accommodation only package are negligible.

“We recently conducted a study which revealed that 60% of travellers consider free breakfast to be very important when deciding where to book. In fact for leisure travellers, it’s the second most important factor to them when booking a hotel. However, as the results of TripIndex Breakfast show, travellers may do better to forego a hotel breakfast in favour of dining out locally in the morning since this is where the biggest savings can usually be made,” commented TripAdvisor spokesperson, James Kay.