The town in Suffolk hosted a football game where not only did all 22 players on the pitch share the surname ‘Bungay’, so did the referee, linesman and substitutes.

Then there was also the mascot, Carla Bungay, 8, and the pitchside doctor, Elizabeth Bungay.

You may have guessed that this was not a freaky coincidence.

It was a charity match organised by Shaun Cole, 51 (who may have wished he was a Bungay too), who works for Bungay Town FC.

When he had the hair-brained idea, Cole searched as far away beyond Britain as Australia and the USA to attract other people with the name Bungay to the match.

Shaun said: “I thought the idea for the match was nuts when it was first suggested and it is still nuts today.

“But it is a brilliant way of putting Bungay on the map.

“We don’t believe anyone has ever held a match in which all participants share the same family name, let alone one of the UK’s least common names.

“Apart from their immediate family, many Bungays have never met another Bungay.

“It is a great day for them to all meet each other in the town which gave them their name.”

Queenslander Chris Bungay, 57, who was holidaying in Britain, joined in, as did Rod Bungey (an alternative spelling, he says), from South Carolina.

John Bungay, 61, from Easteigh, Hampshire was the referee.

Everyone else was from Britain, making for a bizarre meeting of a total of 70 people called Bungay.

TalkSport radio presenter Sam Delaney said it was the easiest match he’d ever had to provide commentary for.