I’ve always been a sucker for a bargain. If I see the words “2 for 1” or “closing down sale” my heart does tend to start beating faster at the prospect of getting something for nothing. It’s been instilled in me since birth. That’s the reason why I love Primark so much – where else can you buy 30 items of clothing for a tenner! Anyway, so when I saw the words “Hackett’s Biggest Day Out” on the brochure for the bungy jump I was going to do in Cairns, I got a little excited.

Basically, it informed me that for not much more than I would pay for a single jump, I could do as many jumps as I wanted in one day. Sounds like a challenge to me.

Quick thinking
I did some quick mental arithmetic and realised that if I got there at 10am I could do two an hour for eight hours and could therefore get 16 bungy jumps for the price of one. Cashback!

What I didn’t really take into account was that I would have to go against all natural human instincts and fling myself off a 50m high platform 16 times. I also didn’t consider that I would have to trust the guy tying my legs together to get it right every time. With one jump the odds of something going wrong are pretty low but the more you do, the more likely something is to happen.

This was all flying through my head whilst I was preparing for my first jump. The guy in charge of whether I lived or died was listening to full on hardcore trance music and talking about the rave he had been to in the bush the day before. Apparently he hadn’t slept. That was a worry.

I didn’t have any choice but to jump off first time because the man who went before me was 74 and came every week. If that isn’t impressive enough, today he jumped off backwards! If a 74 year old could do it and make it look easy then I would be lame if I couldn’t do it.I was off. It was amazing.

When you do the day pass they have a variety of different jumps that they suggest you do. You can go off forwards, backwards, blindfolded, run off the roof, with a friend. The options are endless. I think the worst was when the guy holds your weight as you lean out so that they are in control of your descent. They like to toy with you and when they dropped me and then immediately yelled that I wasn’t attached – needless to say I was freaking out.

I’d also made the unfortunate selection of a white t-shirt for the days activities and although they are only supposed to dunk you on one of the jumps – somehow I got completely soaked every time. My boyfriend wasn’t that impressed.