Bunnys are freshly baked loaves that have been hollowed out and crammed with delicious hot fillings. Having developed the menu’s flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques, Bunnychow’s four new fillings have a lightness to them. The new fillings are bold South African inspired creations, from Monkey Gland meatballs to Chakalaka chicken in Peri Peri Sauce. Just get into Soho and try them.

They have also introduced a new range of juices and cocktails made with exotic fruits, created fresh by the chefs and served from countertop jars, the juices bring a burst of African sunshine to a winter’s day. Served on their own or with a naughty splash of spirits as a fresh cocktail, the juices can also be served hot and transformed into a toddy to further fend off the chill. I’ll have a double.

The Bunnychow concept was inspired by the traditional Durban worker’s meal, a portable lunch solution for migrant Indian plantation workers in who were often banned from certain cafes during Apartheid. Since the traditional meal of roti and beans tended to fall apart easily, they filled loaves with curry and topped it with the bread lid.

This evolved into the hugely popular street food that you can find on every street corner across South Africa today.

Bunnychow will continue to provide affordable lunches for the weekday worker, a perfect central spot for end of the day drinks and tempting hearty dinners that are full of restorative, health giving ingredients that will encourage the reluctant dieter stick to their January regime.

Bunnychow, 74 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TE.