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Visit the Rio Music Conference 

Running around the same time as the world famous Carnival, Rio Music Conference happens at the end of January and finds the world’s DJ elite descent on the city to play parties, offer talks, workshops, discussion panels and more, and as such tells you everything you need to know about the booming Brazilian music scene, how to launch a label, run a party and more besides. 

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Go to the beach

Rio is all about the long white sands and sun baked beach. Locals descend upon it every day to bath, swim, play games and generally hang out. Ipanema, as immortalised by the famous song, is where the hot girls and boys hang out, so should be an essential stop on any visit.

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Go watch a game at the Maracanã

Even if football isn’t your thing, watching a game from the steeply stacked terraces of the world famous and historical Maracanã – Brazil’s national stadium – is a must. It holds nearly 80, 00 people (though hosted 200, 000 in the 1950 World Cup final) and comes alive with colourful crowds for many different sporting and musical events. 

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Come to Carnival 

Carnival time is when the city is most beautiful. The processions of dancers, colourful characters, amazingly detailed floats, musical toupee and everything else just makes it a sensory explosion. Check out the famous Beatles Bloco on Sunday of the carnival and it is something you will never forget. 

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Rob Chadwick, Head of PR at Jukebox Media