This is why it is so important to assign a room that is reserved exclusively to become your workspace. Designing and decorating your home office doesn’t have to be intimidating at all, in fact, it can actually be a ton of fun if you stick to a couple of clever tricks.

Basic Flooring & Walls

It only makes sense to start at the base of it all. You need to make sure that your flooring and walls are done in such a way that complements everything else that will be added to your workspace. In regards to the flooring, if you go for products like vinyl flooring, you’ll find that they’re actually very easy to install, and that you could probably do it yourself. You want to go for a subtle and classy look, so vinyl in soothing colors is a great option and will compliment pretty much any kind of furniture or decor you decide on.

When it comes to the walls, it’s advisable that you go for nudes. Off white or light gray for instance. You need a color that will calm you so that you can focus on your work. These colors also work well with any kind of lighting so the ambience is still comforting when you’re working at night.

Essential Furniture

In a home office, you just work with the essentials and what you really need to keep your work on. You need a nice spacious desk that will take your computer, and also give you space to write in a notebook for example, as well as keep trays to organize paperwork and a space for your stationary. 

The most important piece of furniture in your workspace at home is the chair. Make sure you go all out on this one, and you’ll thank yourself later on. The longer we spend at the desk, the more issues we have with our bodies- this applies to our necks and backs in particular. This is why it’s so important to invest in a chair that is designed to work.

We live in an age of technology, so it’s highly unlikely that you will need storage for files, but in case you do, opt for vertical filing so that you’re taking up less space in the office. The less space you take up, the less clutter, and the more focused and relaxed you can become. 


The lighting is so important for your home office. You need to have as much natural light as possible, and you also need to have the option to control this lighting. Have blinds put on your windows so you can control the amount of light coming in. But it is advisable that you take in the natural light whenever you can; it’s healthy and it’ll make you feel great, and in turn you’ll feel at ease and eager to work.


For afternoon and evening lighting, instead of having a bright ceiling light, you should consider having lamps placed strategically on your desk and in specific corners. Get a piece of art and place a small spotlight on that, for instance. It’s important that the light is not invasive and doesn’t get painful for you while you work- but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so dark that you struggle to see what you’re doing.  


Picking decor for your home office can be a little different. You don’t want to overboard because you don’t want to be distracted and you don’t want to take up too much space because at the end of the day, you want to be in this room to detach from the rest of the household and the world for that matter! So you can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Limit the decor to perhaps a couple of pieces of art that you admire and perhaps a couple of framed photos on your desk. If you want to really go for a classy look, you should definitely have a bookshelf from overstock in your office. If you’re a book lover, keep your books there, and if not, you can put a couple of display items that are precious and meaningful to you.

Time Out Spot

As much as you need this to be an area for you to work, it’s often overlooked that you need to take breaks in between. So why not dedicate a corner for you to take breaks and time outs from your grueling work? It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, perhaps a recliner or a couple of large pillows to sit on, or even a beanbag. Place your time out spot right by a window, and keep a nice cozy lamp for the evenings in this area. Has a music system placed here and a mini fridge if you like so that you’re obliged to take a stroll to this corner every now and then and are reminded that you deserve a break.


Your home office is a very special room because it’s where you go to put your thinking hat on and really get down to serious work. How many times have you worked at a job and wished you could have set up your workplace differently to suit your taste and comfort? Well, now you have a dream come true! Stick to the basics because it’s easy to get carried away and want to add too much. Clutter is not good for peace of mind and focus, so it’s important that this room stays as simple and as comfortable as possible. It is just as important to have a balance as well. As hard as you need to work, it’s important that you design the room in a way that encourages you to take breaks and think. Take a walk to your bookshelf and pick out a book, or walk over to your chill out corner to grab a drink and put some music on, then get back to work when you’re feeling refreshed again! Keeping the design of your workspace balanced will do wonders for your work ethic.