After an official meeting, it was decided that a public burial for the Aussie folk hero will take place soon.

 The historic outlaw’s funeral will be organised by his distant family.

Anthony Griffiths, a relative of Ned Kelly’s, said that the meeting was productive but there was still a lot of work before a proper burial could take place.

The Aussie legend is known to be one of the most infamous murderers in the nation’s history. In 1880 he was hung for killing three British police men. Last year his remains were discovered, which sparked the idea for a public burial.

The historic bones, were found in a mass grave at Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison site. Excavators were able to identify Kelly’s bone using DNA. However, his skull remains missing.

Relative Griffiths explained to AAP news agency: “It’s just a great relief to finally get the go ahead with no appeals being lodged,” said Griffiths.

“I’d like to see him get a dignified burial, that’s the view of everybody I think,” he said.

“How we go about doing that is what we have to work out.”

Image: Getty