As a result, the number of fake breasts exploding or leaking has nearly trebled in four years, figures show.

There has been a ten per cent rise in boob job botches in the last year alone, as victims risk their health by going for oversized implants, often at cheap foreign clinics.

Experts are now warning women to think twice about inflating their boobs. Top plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge said some women were “pushing the envelope”.

He said: “There is the Jordan Syndrome, where some women want bigger and bigger breasts. The bigger they are, the more problems are likely to occur.”

The glamour model, Jordan, whose real name is Katie Price, had at least three cosmetic operations to eventually expand her breasts to a size 32FF before having more manageable 32D breast implants fitted.

McGeorge also blasted cheap implants and overseas boob-job holiday packages.

He said: “Some people have no idea who is treating them or the standards of the hospital equipment.

“Some implants are prone to failure. The cheap option is not always the best.”

Figures from health watchdogs paint a worrying picture about women’s quest for beauty, achieved through the size of their boobs.

There were 206 boob job disasters in 2010 – 153 of them ruptures. This compares to 73 in 2006.

Hairdresser, Georga Cook was one of the victims. Her breast implants burst eight weeks after being boosted to a 32DD.

Cook, 20, of Bristol, said: “I woke up ill and my boob was burning hot. It was terrifying.

“Doctors removed the burst implant and drained the fluid. I had a new one against advice but they are not the same size. I paid the price.”

Patients have complained of wrinkled boobs, painful swelling and implants that go stiff.

Many victims of unsuccessful breast surgery are high profile; former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona, experienced burst stitches around her G-cup implants in 2005.

Actress Tara Reid was also left with uneven boobs, scars and bumps.

However, cosmetic surgeons say the new fifth-generation breast implants are the safest ever and won’t need replacing every decade like earlier models

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