Food in Canada is of the hearty variety — mountainous breakfasts, thick slabs of steak, piled-up platters of seafood, fries by the bucketful and shed loads of salad. They don’t skimp on ice cream, either. It’s an outdoorsy kind of place so you’ll tend to work up an appetite to justify this excess, just don’t expect to come home slimmer.


Canada’s wine industry is thriving, and there are plenty of locally brewed beers to quench the thirst. Canadians (especially the French ones) also know a thing or two about coffee, so hitting a streetside café is a must.

Tasty tips

Here are a few tips to give your tastebuds a treat:

  • The Atlantic provinces are big on seafood. Try steaming clam chowder, deep bowls of mussels, fresh lobster and wild salmon.
  • Québec’s specialty is poutine — fries buried in lashings of gravy and cheese curds.
  • Sample elk, moose and bison while you’re in town — they’re low in fat and taste delicious. They’re usually served rare to preserve the delicate flavours.
  • Canada is famed for its berries. Eat them in muffins or pies if it helps.
  • Maple syrup goes with everything. Even bacon, apparently.
  • North America is fast food central. Branch out and try Wendy’s, A&W or Taco Bell when you’re on the run. Tim Hortons does fab doughnuts.
  • If it’s not fast food, it’s ice cream. Mix your own delish delight at a Marble Slab Creamery.