Canada’s Rocky Mountains leave visitors awestruck by their majestic beauty. In summer hike the alpine meadows, go horse riding on forest trails and kayak the rapids of glacier-fed streams. Or go for the snow — ski in winter resorts such as Whistler then wrap up warm in log cabins before a blazing fire. Don’t miss:

  • Cruise the turquoise waters of Maligne Lake.
  • Ride the Jasper Tramway for staggering views.
  • Hike the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield.
  • Drive the Icefields Parkway to see jagged peaks and plunging valleys.
  • Chill out in quaint Jasper or laid-back Banff.


Canadian cities have the same easy-going vibe, though each is dinstinctively different. Spend a couple of days people watching from a pavement café, absorbing the atmosphere and partying with the locals.

  • Toronto, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city on Lake Ontario, is at the forefront of Canada’s cultural scene.
  • Try historic Québec City or hip Montréal for a French flavour — in cuisine, language and outlook.
  • Buzzing, sociable Vancouver, on Canada’s Pacific coast, is ideally located for exploring both the Rockies or Vancouver Island.
  • Ottawa, Canada’s handsome capital, has a progressive feel and dynamic nightlife.


There’s more to see and do in the vast wheat fields of the prairies than many travellers realise:

  • Shop in West Edmonton Mall, the world’s biggest mall.
  • Join the Calgary Stampede, the world’s biggest rodeo.
  • Learn about Canada’s indigenous people and first settlers at Fort Edmonton.
  • Revel in the wide open space and laid-back lifestyle.


Nature in Canada comes as supersized as the meals (come to think of it, much of it tastes good too).

  • Cute: ground squirrels (gophers), nimble-footed mountain goats and busily chewing beavers.
  • Scary: wolves, cougars and rattlesnakes (though elk are far more likely to attack humans).
  • Really scary: grizzly and black bears hang out in the Rockies, and polar bears
    patrol the ice around Hudson Bay.
  • Tasty: moose, elk and bison roam in Canada’s national parks.
  • Wet: orca, humpback and minke whales. Sea lions inhabit the coast.
  • Feathery: bald eagles, herons and loons (Canada’s national bird). And Canada geese, obviously.