The mysterious death of the sisters, aged 20 and 25, was revealed to be due to DEET consumption. CBC reported that autopsies in both Bangkok and Quebec had found significant amounts of the insecticide in their systems.

It’s thought that the formula was being used in a cocktail called “4 x 100” on Phi Phi island, a drink usually made with cola, ice, kratom leaf extract and cough syrup.

Audrey and Noemi’s father Carol Belanger believes the girls would not have knowingly consumed DEET, “They had to have drank (DEET) without knowing,” he said, reported News Limited.

“To drink that much (DEET) … these girls weren’t suicidal. Maybe the country has something to hide, maybe the hotel or the bar has something to hide, and we need answers.”

Krabi Town Deputy Superintendent Colonel Jongrak Pimtong told Phuketwan Tourism News that it may be some time before the facts are known about what happened that night.

“Buckets containing alcohol, juices and other substances are consumed, usually through a straw,” explained Pimtong.
“It could be three months before official results are revealed, if ever.”

The Canadian sisters are not the first to have died under mysterious circumstances on the island.  27-year-old Jill St Onge also passed away on a holiday to Phi Phi.

Ryan Kells, the ex-boyfriend of Jill St Onge was quoted in Phuketwan “’Something has to be done this time.
”If not, we are going to read about it happening again and again.

”The government is trying to blame their deaths on something else because they don’t want tourism on Phi Phi to be ruined.”