Canoe Man John Darwin has been writing to a younger woman begging for sex.

John Darwin, who earned the moniker ‘Canoe Man’ when he faked his own death by drowning while kayaking, has also been vowing to divorce wife Anne.

Anne, Darwin’s loyal wife of 37 years has dreamt of a reconciliation with her husband, but that could be in tatters after this revelation that he is planning to divorce her for a Lorraine Forbes, 43, according to the Mirror.

The newspaper, which obtained a pile of Darwin’s “sexual” letters written to Forbes, revealed that after nearly three years apart in prison, Darwin had duped Anne into believing they would be together again.

However, Darwin, 60, has spent much of that time writing a string of letters to Forbes, begging her for sex, which he refers to as “Option 3”.

He also boasts of being a “celebrity” in the small town where he lives after faking his own death at sea in a canoe to swindle thousands of pounds out of insurers.

And he apparently plans to cash in on his notoriety with books on his crime.

Darwin and Anne were locked up for fraud after their elaborate 2002 hoax to cash in on life insurance as they faced crippling debts at their home in Seaton Carew.

Five years later he turned up claiming to have suffered amnesia. In fact he had been living a secret life, first in a bedsit adjoining the family home and then in Panama.

Anne even duped their own grown-up sons Mark and Anthony into believing their dad was dead and put them through the heartache of a “funeral”.

She claimed she was an unwilling participant in her husband’s schemes but she still raked in more than £600,000 in life insurance and pension payouts after his “death” and started a new life with him in central America.
She was described as a compulsive liar in court and got the longer sentence. Her husband was jailed for six years, three months.

Despite having property and cash seized by police, it recently emerged the couple have £500,000 of assets still in Anne’s name in Panama – well out of reach of the UK authorities.

But in light of his flirting with another woman, former prison officer Darwin may struggle to get hold of any cash.

Darwin struck up a friendship with jobless Forbes, 43, from his cell when she started writing to him in February, 2008.

Last week, he even sent her a National Express train ticket to ferry her to his side. But at the last minute, Darwin cancelled, telling her he was worried about the press getting wind of their relationship.

Forbes said: “I don’t know what is in Darwin’s mind, why invite me on Saturday if he knew his wife was coming out. Why send me the ticket down?

“Why would his wife go back to him. How can they live together after everything that has happened?

 “I probably don’t mean anything to him, there’s definitely nothing between us now. Our letters were sexual. I care about his feelings and I don’t want to upset him.”

In one recent note to Forbes, dated February 7, 2011 – after his release – he wrote: “Dear Forbes, I’m FREE!! Now in every sense of the word. I’m divorcing Anne. There’s little point in remaining ‘married’ if she is adamant in going her own way. I need someone for company, to talk to, do things together, share experiences and for my daily medicine of your ‘Option 3’.”

Despite telling Anne he would wait for her on the outside as she completes her six-and-a-half-year sentence at Askham Grange prison near York, Darwin said to Forbes, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, he wanted a “long-term relationship” with her.

He added: “Life is too short. We may as well enjoy ourselves before it is too late. You never know you may enjoy living with me.” His letters were written from different jails around the North and in them he sets his sights on bedding Forbes.

He begged her to visit him once freed with promises of “daily sex” and “deep massages”.

One letter, dated October 20, 2010, discussed their potential first night together. Forbes had provided him with “three wishes” – or options – for the evening.

Option one was a meal, two a trip to the cinema and three an early night, innuendo for sex. Darwin wrote: “I don’t think I could manage only one of your option (3). Perhaps it should be as follows. 3, 3, 1, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3…I’m sure that would fill one day!! I’m all for helping you with your heating bills.” He also gave 17-stone Forbes diet tips, writing: “Option (3) is a great way to tone up the body and burn up calories. Quite possibly the best diet invented!!! I can hardly wait.”

Darwin also promised to teach Forbes various “techniques” in bed.

In another, he wrote: “At least you are the same height as me, makes it easier for you to plant those full luscious lips on me.

“I’m presuming you would rather kiss me than an envelope; you can always wear lipstick and leave lip tracks over my body. I’m excited at the thought!!!”

Once freed, Darwin told her he and his new home in Easington Colliery, Co Durham were missing a “woman’s touch”. He added: “If you think you can make a difference to my life, then for goodness sake tell me, and I will arrange for you to come.”

The fraudster told Forbes he had already got her a dressing gown for her visits. Darwin added: “I bought a ‘towelling’ one which should fit you.”

He revealed he always “sleeps naked” in his king-size bed. Darwin wrote: “As for ‘straight indoors for non-stop sex’, I’ll let you take your coat off first!! I think you will learn a few new positions and I will be surprised if you don’t enjoy the experience. I can be a good teacher.

“But I may make you practice until you get it right.”

Darwin admitted he had only £10 to his name and would live on state handouts.

Speaking of his “celebrity” status in the town, he said: “Everyone in this community (thousands of people) know me, smile, say hello, shake my hand whenever I go to the shop, doctors, library, for a walk.”

In another note, he boasts: “It seems everyone mentions me. I’m part of quizzes and on TV shows and papers. One day it will end. Soon I hope.”

Speaking of his planned books, Darwin told Forbes they would be called Panama & Back, The Other Side of the Door and the Temples of the Gods series, which he plans to write himself.

He said in one letter: “I imagine they will be published, they are all interesting with twists which nobody but myself knows about nor will until the final publication.” He also hinted at wanting to write an adult themed Indiana Jones-style fiction.

Anne was planning to go back to County Durham from jail to meet up with her husband today.