First it was Asda’s £5 commemorative mug, then tea towels, plates, spoons, key rings, mobile phone holders, champagne flutes, coffee tables and even condoms soon followed.

Now Royal Wedding memorabilia just got even more frivolous with US company Franklin Mint announcing the release of a Kate Middleton Doll.

For a cool $195 you too could own a glossy-haired, blue-dress bedecked 16-inch miniature Kate Middleton.

One of a set of two (the bridal version will be released after Britain’s Royal Wedding takes place), the doll’s release pre-empts the big day when Prince William will finally marry his long-time girlfriend at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Gwynne Gorr chief marketing officer for the Franklin Mint says, “The memorabilia will be much more available in the world market just because you can buy things on the internet … It will have a positive impact on the merchandising of this event.”

Perhaps putting a less positive spin on the wedding is British designer Lydia Leith’s recently released royal wedding-branded sick bags which read “Keep this handy on April 29th”.

But with the internet fuelling Royal Wedding merchandising opportunities, Kate and Will’s wedding is expected to break all previous merchandise record sales.

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