Are you finding it tough to find love in London? Why not try Flirt Diva?

“In London no one makes eye contact, let alone asks someone out on a date,” says self-styled flirt diva Sue Ostler, summing up why being a singleton in the city can be such a chore.

A down-to-earth Aussie, Sue turned her own romantic life around and now runs courses to help others do the same.

According to her philosophy, flirting isn’t just about batting your eyelashes. It’s “all about having the confidence to have a go,” and can change your life.

Over the next four weeks she shows us how to let go of old emotional baggage, encourages us out of our comfort zones with a night of karaoke, helps us hone our own flirt style and lays on a tutorial with a professional make-up artist.

There’s even a speed-dating session, which, like the course itself, is loads more fun than I expected.

Great for: Girls who just wanna have fun…


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Words Alison Grinter