My job involves… working as a personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and fitness coach in London and sometimes overseas.

It’s my responsibility to help my clients achieve their fitness goals and maintain optimum health through exciting personal training programmes tailored to the individual’s needs.  I’m a motivational personal trainer and I empower my clients by helping them get stronger, leaner and fitter in each session.

I got my job by… studying and gaining work experience. I completed a course in sports studies and worked in a gym for several years in my native country Bolivia, before moving to London and working as a lifeguard part time while continuing my studies. I then made the move to be a full-time freelance fitness instructor.

My day-to-day work includes… introducing clients to new fitness plans and routines that suit them. I’ve been obsessed with fitness from a young age and have studied and tested multiple training methods.  Many of my clients come to me with a high fitness level and expect a good workout that yields results. It’s important that I give complete focus to the preparation of my training programmes to make sure they fit in with my clients’ personal goals and interests. 

I often start early and finish late as people tend to work out before or after work. I believe starting the day fresh with an energizing exercise session can really help keep stress levels down and give a good boost to start your day.  I pride myself on keeping workouts exciting, varied and challenging so that my clients are looking forward to the exercise even if it is 6am!

The most rewarding part of my job is…seeing my clients achieve their goals.  I test them regularly to check if their strength and endurance have improved. It’s very rewarding when you compare data from a few months back to the present moment and your client can see for him/herself how far they have come.

Another great thing about my job is that it’s not just physically but mentally stimulating, since I train my clients in parks, in their homes, in gyms and in different parts of London. I even work abroad with some clients. I am actually with some clients training in Austria as I type this!

The most challenging part of my job is… the need to constantly have a fresh approach to personal training, to keep programmes stimulating but effective for my clients. Some clients have been with me for several years and report that they really enjoy my workouts because they are constantly testing their ability and evolving. I really place emphasis on ‘creative’ workouts and am against the all too common ‘personal trainer who stands beside you as you run on a treadmill’ approach. With me you could be using your own bodyweights, doing challenging circuits, martial arts or even exercising in a tree… sounds bizarre I know! 

My advice for anyone looking to get into this industry is… read up on fitness training and develop your own methods. Be prepared for a lot of early mornings and late nights and believe in yourself. It’s a competitive business but if you have your own unique selling point you can make it!

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