Dee Cooper is a Recruitment Partner for, and she helps travellers to the UK find work. ”This has been my life and passion for the past 18 years,” Dee says. ”When I first set up the company with just a phone and a fax, young people mainly from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa would call me from phone boxes outside their hostel in London. Since that time, I have placed approximately 25,000 travellers into hotel and pub jobs across the UK.”

This is also a great job for expats, as they’ve experienced the highs and lows of travelling first hand, and they’ll know just how tiring, exhilarating and (occasionally) downright scary leaving your home country can be!

What does your job entail?

”My job involves liaising with hotels and pubs to source the jobs, and then matching the needs of the employers to the needs of the people looking for a live-in position.”

What’s the best bit?

”I love talking to such a diverse mix of young and enthusiastic travellers, and I’ve made some great friendships over the years. My hotel clients are very loyal, and come back year after year to fill their seasonal positions with a new bunch of travellers looking for a UK adventure.”

And the worst?

”The worst bit of my job by far is taking a call from someone who has just had everything stolen on the Tube and has nowhere to stay. We try our best to to give them practical advice about what to do, and as many job contacts as we can, to get them accommodated as soon as possible.

What qualifications and experience do you need?

To do my job, you need to be always smiling (you can hear a smile on the phone), have a good memory for people coming back for another job a second or even third time, and be very efficient in matching relevant skills.

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