A 34-year-old man named Michael Ayoade, was responsible for the random and brutally violent attack caught on CCTV in November.

The victim was walking to college when the man ran up behind her and smacked her in the head, causing her to instantly lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

The attacker then ran away leaving the 16-year-old face down on the street, in Plaistow, East London, while her head was bleeding. It’s believed she also broke her teeth when she fell.

Ayode, who has a distinctive scar across his cheek, is said to be petrified there will be reprisals for him after the assault was captured on CCTV and spread across the internet

The attack was filmed on CCTV and released on YouTube. Ayode is believed to be terrified there will be payback inside.

Allegedly, Ayode is eating meals in his cell and has guards escorting him around prison, at HMP Thameside, South East London.

Ayode pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm in court on November 24.

Watch the video here.

Picture: YouTube