Arctic Explorer Franco and food writer and cook Johansen certainly know their oats, as they saw off the competition with their recipes for Bacon and Egg’s Porridge and Five Coconut Porridge.

The nine porridge-mad finalists each had 30 minutes to produce three portions of porridge which were judged on taste, innovation and presentation.

Recipes included porridge inspired by coffee and walnut cake, alcohol (now that’s something we’d be interested in trying), and Italian desserts.

Nick Barnard, Speciality World Porridge Champion and co-founder of Rude Health, said: ”Porridge is the mother food – we’ve been comforted and sustained by porridge for thousands of years. The first London Porridge Championship celebrates our deep-rooted love for the ultimate comfort breakfast in a most delicious way.’’ 

We’re not so sure that bacon and egg porridge comes under the heading of ‘delicious’ but we’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to the winners.

Image credit: Ellidore PR