An Auckland couple say they have no plans to move despite having a car smash into their home for the third time in five years.

Julia and Ross Walker were given an unpleasant wake-up call about four weeks ago when a car ran through the bedroom and lounge wall of their dwelling on New Windsor Rd, Avondale at 6am, sending books onto Ross’ head.

They had earlier suffered from a car hitting the same spot in 2004, late at night, and in 2006, when they were in Australia, the Herald on Sunday reported.

There have also been three other occasions when cars ran into their garden but didn’t make it as far as the house.

“Our kids want us to move out,” Ms Walker said.

“But we like it here. We’ve been here 40 years, we have great neighbours. We don’t want to move.”

The house is not on a corner, but is directly opposite Whitney St, which Mr Walker said was used by some people as a “racetrack”.

“When guys are drunk up to the eyeballs they don’t stop,” he said.

“The root of the issue is stopping them speeding up Whitney St.

“What does it take for people to live up to their responsibilities when they get into a car?”

Auckland City Council was looking at traffic management methods to help alleviate the problems.