Stay connected

Going on a trip soon? Don’t bankrupt yourself texting or calling mates while you’re away.

We’ve found a new company called RiteSim offering before-you-leave SIM cards that not only work abroad but also offer killer roaming rates.

You can even top up when you’re abroad on their website (

Bargain beds

No-frills hotel chain Travelodge has just released 68,000 rooms across the UK for a steal.

Book online and get a night’s stay for as little as £19 until Nov 18. Last-minute break anyone?


Fill ’er up

We said fill, not feel. But this deal offers a similarly cheeky buzz.

Buy two selected drinks at any BP garage this week, then fill up your tank and you’ll get 5p off each litre (including petrol, diesel and LPG Autogas).

Drinks in the offer include Red Bull Energy, Volvic Juiced Cloudy Lemon, or Evian Action. Promotion lasts until Oct 8.


Image: Getty