A cat that appears to walk on two legs is becoming the latest YouTube viral video star.

The ginger moggie, humorously tagged 'The Hunchcat of Notre Dame' by one YouTube wit, appears to have taken inspiration from Michael Jackson's Thriller as it tiptoes out of shot in a zombie-like pose.

One Youtube subscriber, HemkeFemton, was so disturbed by the cat's antics, he posted this comment: "If I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my cat come walking like that I'd piss my pants and scream like a little girl. That shit is fucking scary."

Another, Alice755145, agreed. "So terrifying! That cat is not a cat. It's an alien," she wrote.

Others expressed suprise and bewilderment at how a cat could stand on its hind legs.

However, one sharp-eyed subscriber offered an explanation:

"Cruel fuckers ! They have scared the cat and when he has ran off, they have pulled him up with fishing line that has been threaded under him," oasispj wrote.

What do you think? Can a cat actually walk on two legs? Watch the video below and let us know