CCTV footage has been released showing the moment armed robbers were fought off by a shopkeeper and his son in London’s Finsbury Park. Police are still hunting for the men involved in the raid.

The CCTV film shows two men armed with a large knife and a gun entering a shop in Finsbury Park on December 21.

The robbers demand cash from the shopkeeper before pointing a gun at his head. Seeing his father in danger, the shop owner’s son grabbed one of the intruders and a scuffle broke out between all four men.

Despite CCTV footage showing the thieves repeatedly trying to stab the shopkeeper and pistol-whipping his son, both were OK and only required treatment for minor injuries.

The criminals fled and have not yet been caught. Police hope that releasing the CCTV footage will help catch the robber. Anyone with information is asked to please contact police on 020 8358 1751 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.