If you ever needed an excuse to head to the chippie and gorge yourself then this is it.

To celebrate the occasion, which takes place on 16th – 22nd February, The Fish & Chip Shop in Islington and Fish & Chips by Des McDonald in the City are serving two new deluxe butties, as well as giving out classic chip butties absolutely free of charge.

The first of the lavish additions to the menu is a deliciously extravagant poached lobster and chip buttie with truffle dressing, selling for £16.00, while the other is topped with gold leaf salt and champagne vinegar and can be bought for a more affordable £8.00. We suggest trying these before you get completely lashed as it’s a taste you’ll want to remember (and preferably not bring back up), plus you don’t want to wake up hazily remembering having spent £32 on butties.

In fact, if you’re looking for a cheaper and more classic option, then you’re better off grabbing one of the free chip butties they’re giving away all week. If you sense your New Year’s resolutions to get healthy waning, then just make sure you run to the chip shop and earn that buttie.

In addition to their usual daily menu, the restaurants are selling the two luxurious chip buttie specials, fried to perfection by head chef Steve Wilson, for this entire week.  Alternatively you could make your own twist on this classic. Suddenly British cuisine is sounding much more refined eh!

Find the butties at:

Fish & Chips by Des McDonald

Dashwood House

69 Old Broad Street



Restaurant Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 11.30am – 10.30pm (last orders)


The Fish & Chip Shop

189 Upper Street



N1 1RQ

Restaurant Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 12.00pm – 11.00pm (last orders)


Website: www.thefishandchipshop.uk.com

Twitter: @TheFishChipShop