However, if your blood does start to boil when Aunt Mildred tells you how to make the gravy for the millionth time or your niece steps on the cat – again – an aspirin could be just what you need, as scientists at the University of Chicago claimed yesterday that aspirin can help people calm down.

The researchers explained that people who get angry are prone to physical inflammation of the immune system, which they have determined can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin. They have named the now-treatable condition Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED).

The research also indicates that people who have a short fuse aren’t just badly behaved but are biologically predisposed to getting angry, due to faster inflammation of their immune system.

So next time someone is having a pop while you carve the turkey (probably not the best of times to have a conversation like that), use an aspirin as a chill pill, and stop seeing red.