Guests, including actresses Jill Halfpenny and Angela Griffin – at yesterday’s Waffle brunch brought their families to the South Bank venue to enjoy the fantastical immersive storytelling experience which plunges children and adults alike into the hilarious world of Shrek, Donkey and their DreamWorks pals.

Apprentice runner up and businesswoman, Luissa Zissman and her five year old Dixie were delighted by the madcap adventure which took them on a journey through some famous Far Far Away locations meeting some famous residents along the way.

“The actors are all so talented, it’s an amazing experience and we loved it” said Lewis actress, Angela. Luisa agreed, adding: “Dixie had so much fun.”

The new attraction which combines live action and iconic sets from the Shrek films with captivating storytelling, an amazing 4D ride, jaw-dropping special effects and new DreamWorks animation opens to the public on Wednesday 1 July.