The Pineapple Dance Studio star was the first to be evicted, in an episode which also saw former enemies page three girl Nicola McLean and Natasha Giggs put forward for possible eviction this Friday after underwear model Georgia Salpa was forced to choose two housemates to face the public vote, in a series twist.

Giggs, former lover of Manchester United star Ryan Giggs, and wife of his brother, meanwhile, revealed she had seen the manhood of Kirk Norcross, star of The Only Way is Essex, whom she also kissed.

Stone, 39, a dance teacher, left the house in a horse-drawn carriage shaped like a pumpkin while dressed like a beast as part of a fairytale challenge.

He said: “It was the most amazing experience of my life. I will remember it for the rest of my time here,” he said. “I am a bit like Marmite TV, you either get me or you don’t. I thought I would either go early or would make it until the end.”

Stone, who received seven nominations, less than Salpa’s 26, despite her being the bookies’ favourite to be evicted, said his eviction didn’t undermine his assertion that he was “TV gold”. He said: “I believe in myself, I’m fine.”

Salpa was called into the diary room to be told about her having to evict two people.

“I can’t do it,” she told the camera as she began to cry. “Why are you doing this to me? It’s not fair.”

The brunette was not aware that the rest of her fellow housemates were watching her on a screen in the living room and sitting on the edge of their seats.

“If you do not choose two housemates, then all of the celebrities will be punished,’ Big Brother told her.

McLean and Giggs looked gutted as Salpa blurted out their names for eviction.  They will no doubt be making desperate attempts from now on to win over the public.