While Europol didn’t specify the match, saying it can’t be revealed due to “ongoing judicial proceedings”, they said an Asian-based undercover organised crime syndicate was in cahoots with up to 425 club and match officials, players and others  are suspected of being involved.

“This is the work of a suspected organised crime syndicate based in Asia and operated with criminal networks around Europe,” Europol director Rob Wainwright said at a press conference at The Hague in Netherlands..

“It is clear to us this is the biggest-ever investigation into suspected match-fixing in Europe. It has yielded major results which we think have uncovered a big problem for the integrity of football in Europe.

“We have uncovered an extensive criminal network.”

The announcement comes after an 18 month investigation which also implicates World Cup and European Championship qualifiers, two other Champions League ties and more.

They claim £13.8m has been wagered on Germany-based matches alone, with payments of £1.73m said to have been paid.

The largest individual payment was £121,000, the investigators say.

So far 50 people have been arrested.

The investigators said many of the 700 matches in 30 countries examined included lower level European leagues.

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