At a lavish garden party thrown at Adelaide’s Government House the royals were introduced to two koala’s recently saved by Fauna rescue of South Australia, who look after injured, sick and orphaned wildlife.

Four year old Kao and 9-month-old Matilda were presented to Charles and Camilla in front of a pack of journalists lurking with their camera’s to captured the interaction.

It was the Duchess who seemed the more visibly enthused, snatching up little Matilda quickly and cooing “I wish I could take them home for my grandkids”.

Camilla was less gentle with her husband, advising Charles to take the larger and heavier Kao who the Prince of Wales held gingerly.

After a moment or two a ripple of laughter ran through the group, when the Prince was heard to complain “I can feel something warm running down”.

“They’ve got their nappies on,” replied an unsympathetic Camilla, visibly enthralled with her little, furry charge.

It seems that of all the obligatory meetings that the couple have had in their brief stop in Australia this was one the Duchess of Cornwall enjoyed the most. Whether or not the same could be said of her husband is another matter.