Clips from Charlie Sheen’s new spoof film Operation Greyhound have been released online. The footage follows Charlie Sheen and his team in their attempt to
steal back Charlie’s luxury Two and a Half Men trailer from the Warner
Bros set.

Wearing a camouflage military uniform, complete with a maroon beret,
as well as a dog tag around the neck featuring his code name ‘Warlock’,
Sheen is the star of the show, made for

Sheen’s house raided by police

Sheen fan arrested at actor’s mansion

The troubled actor is also joined on his mission by his Strike Team
Five crew, with Natalie Kenly, one of Sheen’s current girlfriends
starring as ‘The Goddess’ plus Charlie’s real life personal assistant
Rick Calamaro, his make-up artist Gabe Solana, paparazzo Steve Han plus
radio host Scott Dooley making up the rest of the team.

The mock film was shot in Charlie’s LA mansion over a three-day period, starting last week Wednesday, March 9.

The filming of the last scene had to be cancelled, however, when police raided Charlie’s home last week Thursday, March 10.

Talking about his plan of ‘Operation Greyhound’, Charlie told
RadarOnline: “If somehow we can somehow arrange going to the studio and
getting my bus, it will be the most epic piece of television ever

The released footage features the actual footage of his trailer
leaving Warner Bros. set, but it’s not clear if Charlie was inside the
trailer at the time.

The teaser clip is part of a full version of the short film, which will be released later this month.