Three to five days

Namibia is popular for hiking during the winter months. The three-day Ugab River Hiking Trail is one of the best ways to explore the mysteries of the Skeleton Coast Park. It will take you across the coastal plain into the jagged mountains and canyons of the interior.

The trail is only accessible from April to October because of the extreme heat during the summer. You will need your own hiking equipment and medical certificate to prove that you are fit enough to walk the 50 kilometres in three days.

The landscape ranges from huge sand dunes to deep canyons and mountain ranges.

If you fancy an even more exhausting challenge, try one of the most famous hiking trails in southern Africa: The five-day Fish River Hiking Trail. It covers a distance of 86km in the base of the Fish River Canyon with absolutely no facilities whatsoever.

You will be required to carry everything you need and find water in semi-permanent pools. Again, your doctor needs to approve your participation.

In summer a short stay should include a visit to Swakopmund. It has a real holiday feel while the cool Namibian coast offers relief from the intense heat of the interior.

If you prefer not to laze away in one of the local watering holes enjoying the local brew or tearing up the dunes on a quad bike, there is also the possibility of visiting the Cape Cross Seal Colony or go on the Welwitschia desert drive to see some of the fauna and flora of the Namib Desert.