A troll video on YouTube in which a young American woman asserts that the devastation caused by Japan’s earthquake was due to God’s anger at athiests has led to her cancelling her YouTube channel following an international web-based backlash.

The woman, with the username tamtampamela, uploaded a video in the days after last week’s massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami, claiming the disaster was “God literally waking people up and saying “You are going to hell”

However, she was met with such a hostile response – including threats of death and rape (and even had her phone number and address published in some forums) – that she has gone into hiding.

Other, less hard-line, wits decided to wage a war of food on her – getting non-stop pizzas delivered to her home.

And well-known atheist Richard Dawkins even posted the original video on his website, but did so without providing a comment.

A follow-up video in which tamtampamela admits she is a maker of troll videos did nothing to stem the flow of invective directed at her – one blogger encouraged people to “send her a turd” in the mail.

Last night, Facebook and Twitter were alive with condemnation of the video which no doubt achieved tamtampamela’s aim of racking up an incredible number of hits.

@life_of_paul wrote: “tamtampamela from YouTube has sucked the life out of me. Too bad schools didn’t pass out condoms when her parents decided to bump uglies!”

@katieguo wrote: “This girl deserve to die. i hate her. so much. i hope she dies of a horrible death. probably sooner than later.”

@alextrio wrote: “Human beings like this fucking disgust me. I hope you see satan watching over you while you sleep.

Watch the original video here:


Here’s a transcript from the original video:

“A God is such an amazing God, he is so good and so loving and it’s amazing to see how fast God answers prayers sometimes.

“On Wednesday at the start of Lent, believers all over the world came together and we have been praying specifically for God to open the eyes of Atheists all over the world, literally in every corner in every direction; any place that there is an Atheist we’ve been praying for God to open their eyes and to see that there really is a God that he does exist and that he loves them and that he is the God of the Bible – that the Bible is true.

“And just a few days, not even a few days later, God shook the country of Japan.  He literally grabbed the country by the shoulders and said “Hey look, I’m here.”

“Oh it’s just so amazing to see how God can just answer prayers like this and I am just so overjoyed and so encouraged for the rest of this Lentle season, I am going to be praying even harder than I have ever before.

“And I mean, with just one day of prayer, with two days of prayer, to see God literally waking people up and saying “You are going to hell” just imagine what will happen at the end of the 40 days. 

“My brothers and sisters I thank you so much for praying with me and if you haven’t started praying for Atheists to open their eyes and turn from their ways, it’s never too late to start – you can pray right now, just pause the video and get on your knees and pray and pray to God. 

“Ask him to, to turn these Atheists away from their evil ways and I believe at the end of this Lent season, oh my God, I can’t even, I can’t even begin to think how, how vengeful he is going to be on America because we have a lot of Atheists here in America.”

Watch tamtampamela’s ‘coming clean’ video here