Charlie Sheen was winning when he kissed talk show host Jimmy Kimmel after gatecrashing the show on Tuesday, as the host was conducting far more conventional (tiger blood-free) interview with Mark Cuban.

Dashing onto the set in his usual hyper manner, Sheen began handing out his own line of merchandise, including t-shirts emblazoned with his face, captioned ‘WINNING’.

Sheen also planted a smacking kiss on Kimmel’s lips, telling him “Your lips are very moist.”

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The Two and a Half Men star also presented the host with a kitten t-shirt carrying the slogan ‘I have tiger blood in me’ and a mug with a cartoon fox, about which Sheen said:

“It’s a mug with a fox on it. You figure it out.” 

A possible allusion to his ongoing talks with Fox for a new show?

After kissing Kimmel and handing out his t-shirts, Sheen told a visibly disappointed audience he couldn’t stay, saying: “I have a show to write, dammit!”

The episode may not have been quite as off the cuff as it appeared. Sheen was conveniently wearing a microphone and is, coincidentally, in talks with millionaire entrepreneur Cuban to develop a show on Cuban’s HDNet channel.

Kimmel however, was keen to play up the unplanned element of his show, tweeting: “We had a very, very famous surprise walk-on guest tonight, my head is still spinning…”

Meanwhile, Sheen is still riding high on his publicity and will begin a stand-up comedy tour of the US, which kicks off on April 2.

There are also rumours that Sheen is in reconciliation talks with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

Watch this space.

Charlie Sheen kisses Jimmy Kimmel.