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What’s the toughest part of it?

Too many emails! I spend too much time on that.

Do you enjoy keeping it varied?

I like the mix of doing different things – I’m doing this short European tour and then some more solo gigs in the States next year.

And I’m rehearsing with A Perfect Circle at the end of this year before playing the Soundwave Festival in Australia next year. It’s a cool mix of smaller solo shows and then big rock shows.

Do you enjoy getting behind the scenes in the studio?

Yeah, I’m producing some local bands at the studio. I was in one band for 13 years so it’s good to do different things.

Was your Scratchie Records business hit by Hurricane Sandy?

Luckily we missed all the water and electricity loss, but a lot of our friends were not so lucky. It was pretty terrible.

I think freak weather’s the new norm. I am not a scientist, but I’d definitely say it’s got to be related to global warming.

How did you feel about the various recent Pumpkins incarnations?

For me, when we broke up in 2000, it seemed like a natural time to end it. I haven’t talked to Billy [Corgan] in years and haven’t thought about it that much.

It was a huge part of me and I’ll always be remembered for being in that band, especially during the Nineties.

I try to look at it positively, it was a great band during a great time and it would be ridiculous to avoid it, but it’s just not a part of my present.

You’re often seen as the ‘quiet one’ – do people have a misconception of you?

I don’t even know if people give me enough attention to develop any misconceptions about me! I am a pretty positive guy, who is a musician that tries to keep working and be out there making songs and music.

Look To The Sky is out through The End.
He plays Bush Hall, Dec 4. 7.30pm. £17.50  W12 7LJ
Tube | Shepherd’s Bush