However, there’s a new ally in the fight against the fridge – and it effectively shames you into being slim.

Samsung has found a growing number of British households repositioning their WiFi home camera to monitor their bad habits, as Brits face the toughest week of keeping their new year’s resolutions.

The cameras are small enough to be positioned out of sight to monitor places like fridges or cupboards, and if they detect movement or audio, a notification will be sent to the person who wants to keep an eye on the area.

For example, If someone were to venture out of bed to sneak some chocolate cake from the fridge, the SmartCam would catch them red-handed.

In addition to sending an alert, the cameras also serve up hard evidence by uploading clips to a private YouTube channel or images to a Picasa profile whenever motion or sound is detected. Their night vision and two-way talk features mean you can monitor an area 24 hours a day – even when you’re not in the house.

Looks like George Orwell wasn’t too far off the mark…