Could Cheryl Cole and Ashley be getting back together? Well Chezza’s ex-husband – who has been comforting the singer after she was ditched from the X Factor – certainly seems to think so after being spotted wearing his wedding ring.

Ashley Cole has been trying to reunite with Cheryl and has apparently lost no time in ringing her after she was spectacularly dumped from the X Factor.

“I’m close to winning back Cheryl,” Ashley told his mates, according to The Sun.

Cheryl Cole gossip at X Factor auditions

In a symbolic gesture, footie player Ashley has been seen wearing his diamond wedding ring again, albeit on his right hand.

“It’s his way of saying to Cheryl that she is his only true love and he thinks they are close to getting back together,” a friend said.

According to reports, Ashley has been ringing Cheryl to offer her sympathy after she was fired from the X Factor. He is desperate to get back together with his ex.

“Ash is convinced they have a future once again as man and wife,” said the source.

Cheryl Cole has disappeared from the public eye after losing her job on the X Factor. However, she reportedly asked Ashley to cancel a trip he had planned to LA so that they could spend time together in England.

According to friends, the pair have discussed moving abroad after Ashley retires. Bothe are keenly aware that the reunion would not be popular after Ashley publicly cheated on Cole in 2009.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Cheryl may feature on the US X Factor as a “guest judge”, a humiliating move that will remind audiences again that she was fired from the show.

A source told the Mirror: “If Cheryl is made to look like a guest judge or an experiment that went wrong it would have big implications for her career and could kill her American dream.

“Being dumped from the show has been bad enough, I can’t imagine she will be looking forward to reliving the auditions on screen.”