Home to the very first McDonald’s in the US, the massive portions are the first thing you’ll notice when ordering food in Chicago. Pack a healthy appetite and dig in.

Stuffed pizza

Basically, this is a mammoth pizza that looks more like a quiche. A thick crust holds together all the cheese and toppings you fancy, but you’ll be hard pressed to get through more than a slice or two (unless you’ve got the serious munchies).

Head to the iconic Chicago restaurant Giordano’s and order the special — complete with sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onion. Just make sure you wear loose-fitting pants.

Steak & seafood

Buying a decent steak in London makes a large dent in the budget, so make sure you sink your teeth into some decent meat when in Chicago.

McCormick and Schmicks in the city offers a great selection of prime cuts and fresh fish. Steaks are from $14.

Rock ‘n’ roll McDonald’s

Located on the north side, just a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Magnificent Mile, this McDonald’s outlet will beat any other you’ve been to.

Kitted out with plasma screens and a rock ’n’ roll exhibition, it has more options on the menu than your local Maccy D’s and serves three times more customers than an average McDonald’s restaurant.