A jet fighter scene from the film Top Gun is believed to have been used by the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV to promote the Chinese air force.

The clip of the jet fighter was shown on January 23 on CCTV, and it wasn’t long before Top Gun fans began to question the footage.

The film featured in a story about the by the People’s Liberation Army’s air force, in which the reporter told viewers that they were watching a live-fire exercise.

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The footage showed a scene with a J-10 fighter plane blowing up another jet with a missile, and the explosion is so similar to the one in the famous film Top Gun that questions were asked about its authenticity.

A source who knows how CCTV operates said that movie footage previously has been used in news reports.

“There are other cases of the deliberate use of inappropriate footage,” he said.

The source also said that the reason for using clips from films were that picture editors and reporters were either being lazy, or that the footage was simply too good to not use for certain stories.

Top Gun was released in 1986 and earned around £223m at the box office.

The film picked up an Oscar and was nominated for another three.