Twelve-year-old Jun Chia was eating a takeaway on his way back to school when he collided with an electric scooter being ridden across the playground by a classmate’s parent. As he fell to the ground the chopsticks skewered his throat and remained embedded there. Not nice.

Frantic staff summoned an ambulance to the school in Wuhan city, and Jun was rushed off to hospital with the chopsticks still wedged in his throat.

But, miraculously, x-rays revealed that absolutely no damage had been caused to key organs. Jun subsequently had an operation to remove the misplaced eating utensils, and he is expected to be discharged from hospital shortly.

“He was really very lucky,” said medic Zhou Jen, talking to local media in central China’s Hubei Province. “We did a CT scan which revealed that the chopsticks had missed the boy’s trachea and oesophagus and key blood vessels.”

A further stroke of luck in Jun’s sweet and sour experience is that the steel chopsticks are far less likely to pose an infection risk than wooden ones.

It is not known whether the parent riding the scooter will face any charges. Lychee for them if they don’t…