The man, who had alleged connections to the spy agency Mossad, was killed by asphyxiation after he tied a sheet to his cell’s bathroom window in December 2010, it has been said after the Israeli government released a gag order on the case leading to the release of court documents.

Judge Daphna Blatman Kedrai wrote in the report: “I have found evidence allegedly suggesting the fault of elements in the Israel Prison Service.

“Orders to prevent suicide were given and the elements entrusted with guarding the prisoner were aware of them. These orders were not upheld and a ‘window of opportunity’ was used by the deceased to commit suicide.”

The prisoner’s name and the reasons he was in the hardcore prison were kept secret until the ABC identified him on Tuesday as 34-year-old Ben Zygier, a dual Israeli-Australian citizen who worked for Israel’s spy agency Mossad and the Australian Security Intelligence Operation (ASIO).

This hasn’t been confirmed by Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying last week that “overexposure of security and intelligence activity” could be detrimental to Israel’s security and that Israel was “not like all other countries”.

“We are more threatened, more challenged, and therefore we have to ensure the proper activity of our security forces.’

The ABC reported that they thought Zygier was put in prison when his Australian connection was discovered.

Netanyahu’s office has said Prisoner X had no connection with ASIO.

“Between Israel and all its organizations and between Australia and the Australian Security services, there is excellent cooperation, full coordination and full transparency about all the subjects on the agenda,” a statement said.

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