A trapped Australian woman who used her mobile phone to call her family to say goodbye has been saved from a building in Christchurch following the massive earthquake there.

Ann Voss, who had spoken to her son and daughter while buried under her desk in the Pyne Gould Corporation Building, had said that she was struggling to breathe.

She’d told her son “I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

“I’ve got to wait now, I’ve gone through all this, they’re going to come and get me,” she had said in her last call.

Ann is now recovering in hospital with broken ribs and cuts. She told Network Seven how she didn’t think she would make it out alive.

“I had a concrete block on my shoulder,” she said.

The Australian’s phone had ran out of battery 24 hours after the earthquake hit.

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Initially, rescuers thought they had found Ms Voss hours earlier when they lifted another woman called Ann from the rubble. But it turned out to be another worker called Ann Bodkin.

Bob Parker, the mayor of Christchurch, who witnessed the rescue, said: “She was complaining of being a bit sore, because she’s been lying on one side for a long time.

“But in the midst of what is by and large one of the bleakest day in the story of our city, the sun came out at the same moment as they removed Ann from that building.

“You might have seen the guys down there laugh because somebody made the comment that they got Ann out of that building, so God turned on the lights.”