Frank Lampard has proposed to Christine Bleakley while on holiday in Los Angeles.

Christine phoned Daybreak, the ITV show on which she works as a presenter, to spill the beans about the wedding proposal.

She said: “I was beyond shocked. It wasn’t very glamorous, it wasn’t very fancy, I know maybe some people might expect that.”

She added: “It was very personal, very private, actually. We were just having a gorgeous lunch by the beach and he simply popped the question.

“It was completely out of the blue and he was starting to build up to it and it was a little bit lovey-dovey and halfway through the lovey-dovey bit I realised what he was about to say and I started to cry.”

Lampard asked her parents’ permission before popping the question. He also got one of his friends to fly out with the ring so that she wouldn’t see it.

Frank and Christine started dating in 2009 after meeting at an awards ceremony.

Frank split from ex-fiancee Elen Rivas, with whom which he has two children.