Our Jeremy, no stranger to controversy, and his co-presenters and crew from the petrol heads’ tv programme  Top Gear were evidently pelted with stones and had to abandon their cars and hot foot it over the border to Chile.

Why? JC’s Porsche, being used alongside Richard Hammond’s Ford Mustang and James May’s Lotus for a trip down the famous Patagonian Highway (pictured), had the wrong kind of number plate.

The kind that upset Argentine veterans who had been involved in the Falklands War. The Porsche number plate bore the letters FKL, considered by the vets to be provocative because Argentina insists on calling the islands over which it claims sovereignty The Malvinas.

What’s more, the digits on Hammond’s Mustang, 269, were reckoned to be close to the number of Brits killed in the conflict while the 646 on May’s plate could have been a reference to the 649 Argentine casualties.

The Top Gear production team dismissed the number plate digits as no more than coincidences.

If you can think of number plate combinations that might cause a bit of an upset anywhere, let us know.

To start you off, how about POM 1E?