First there was Zumba, and now another style of dance with a funny name is drawing in hoards of gym-goers looking for an excuse to hip-swivel and body roll in the name of fitness.

Indeed, if you had feasted your eyes on the heavenly physique of Tatiana Tamai, who founded the Booiaka movement, it’s only natural that you’d make a beeline to the next class, too.

Booiaka is an intense cardio dance workout that promises to whip you into shape – you’ll end up feeling as though you’ve spent the night dancing away with friends at your favourite club to your favourite tunes – which is no bad thing.

For the unashamedly diva-esque among you, the concept incorporates elements of many different dance styles, such as Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, hip-hop and Reggaeton.

The emphasis is on having fun, but don’t be fooled – it is no walk in the park. Expect to be puffing and panting by the end of a 45 minute class, in which you can burn 500 calories.

That’s 500 calories burnt looking sexy, though. Certainly, there are worse ways.

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