This full body workout is up there with all the great calorie-burning activities.

A group lesson, it’s based on the training that professional boxers use to condition themselves for real fights. But don’t worry, no one is actually going to get punched in the face.

Instead, you’ll take your aggression out on the punching bags, not people. Not only does hitting stuff burn abnormal amounts of calories, it’s a terrific release for those in stressful jobs.

While there’s no physical contact whatsoever in this session, be prepared to be on the floor by the end of it.

Boxercise classes are also effective at focusing your energy and increasing concentration, and similar activities have been proven to increase mental agility, hand/eye coordination, stamina and core strength.

Believe us, boxercise is hugely addictive – but, hey, if you’re going to get hooked on anything, it might as well be something healthy, right?

Classes are Tuesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm, and cost just £6 a session. 

Ethelred Estate Community Youth Club
7 Lollard Street, SE11 6QH  
020 7582 2012 
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