The aim is to catch the disc in the end zone (like gridiron), but when you’ve got it, you can’t run (like netball) and you have to pass it within 10 seconds.

Many may not realise how big ultimate has become or indeed what a great form of exercise it is, but we reckon it’s one of the best new sports around – fast-paced, challenging and it will get you super-fit as you sprint, lunge and dive for the disc.

The ultimate buzz is spreading like wildfire across the UK.

And if you’re not entirely convinced by the game itself, the social scene may change your mind.

Being inclusive and sociable is what ultimate is all about – men and women can play together and tournaments are often mixed.

You can join a league team, but the best way to learn and have just as much fun in a friendly, competitive environment is in pick-up games.

There are free games all over London, some more regular than others, and for all degrees of ability.

Check out the sites below to find the one nearest to you.;

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