For just under two hours, the world’s so called biggest band rocked the stage, as frontman Chris Martin pulled out all the stops.

The show opened with newer songs Mylo Xyloto and Hurts Like Heaven, as fireworks shot up from the stage and wrist bands twinkled in a rainbow of colours.

“Is there anybody out there?” Martin playfully taunted a roaring crowd, thanking them for making their way through the pesky city traffic for the show.

“It makes us feel incredible,” he said. And after a false start to the next track, he added: “We’re going to play the best f**king concert we’ve ever played in our lives.”

While the tricks were at times big, the show was balanced with heartfelt and more stripped back versions of favourites such as The Scientist, a highlight which had Martin at the piano as the crowd sang in unison.

The hits rolled on, with Yellow, the song which shot them to international stardom, and Viva La Vida which got bottoms out of seats.

An energetic Martin, who had been dancing and jumping around the stage and at one time threw his guitar into the air rock style, was clearly tired as the song reached its end, collapsing on the ground and leaving the crowd to chant the rest.

Another clear favourite was Paradise, the band’s first Australian hit.

“Thanks for being so incredible,” Martin told fans. “You’ve given us the best job in the world.”

Martin bade the crowd farewell but was back three minutes later, as fans called for an encore and wrist bands flashed through the stadium.

He suddenly reappeared, but this time in a back corner of the stadium.

“We can’t see shit from over there, so we have to come visit,” he joked as the masses swarmed towards him.

As the show neared its end, Martin kept up the crowd interaction, asking if they had time for more.

The favourable retort saw Martin launch into Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, draping himself in the Australian flag as he romped around the stage and later kissed the ground in his goodbye.

Judging by the response, it seems he and his band will definitely be back for more.