He launched the How to Solve a Problem like a Visa proposal in British Parliament Monday morning.

Johnson has put forward a ‘bilateral mobility zone” agreement between Australia and Britain, modelled on the trans-Tasman agreement between Australia and New Zealand.

This would mean that any British citizens who wanted to travel to, live and work in Australia would get a free visa. The same would apply for  Australians or New Zealanders who wanted to work in Britain 

However, it has been acknowledged that the idea would have to wait until after the British elections in May. 

The report states:  “Extra Brits would never be seen as alien. Nor would Aussies or Kiwis in Britain. The issue may come down to political climates and the resulting political will.”It would certainly allow a greater flourishing of our common unity.

“The UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand share the same head of state, the same language and the same common-law legal system. Critically, they are all highly economically developed democracies and there is also a distinct common culture and familial bond between them.

“Taken together this has led some to ask why policies of free movement don’t already exist.

The report also recommended extending the same option to Canadians.

The idea was originally mooted back in August, when Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited London. Read TNT’s report on that here.