The suspect, Ariel Castro, 52, is currently on suicide watch in Cuyahoga County jail in Ohio after being charged with with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape reports Reuters.

The three women kidnapped, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight along with a six-year old girl that Castro fathered with Berry during her captivity, escaped from his home last week.

Two of the women were held in harsh conditions, restrained with chains and duct tape for long periods of time, news that shocked the community.

Police say Castro forced Knight to miscarry at least five times by starving her and beating her in the abdomen to induce miscarriages.

However another of Castro’s lawyers, Craig Weintraub, said: “The initial portrayal by the media has been one of a ‘monster’ and that’s not the impression that I got when I talked to him for three hours.

“I know that family members who have been interviewed by the media have expressed that as well.”

An Ohio prosecutor last week vowed to try to bring murder charges that could carry the death penalty against Ariel Castro, based on the forced miscarriages. 

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