Spirits were high and the UV rays were bronzing bodies left right and centre when the 500kg crocodile suddenly emerged from the water at Balikpapan beach on Borneo Island.

The beast pulled itself out of the water and ended up laying down near the lifeguard tower where it began to sunbathe.

Ari Triyanto, the local lifeguard in question ( doesn’t quite have the same ring as Mitch Buchannon) takes up the story.

“The crocodile was spotted sunbathing near the lifeguard post on Saturday morning,” he told AFP. He also said that everyone on the beach initially ran away from the scene, only to return in dribs and drabs to watch the police try and apprehend the wily reptile. 

“It was not an easy job though,” said Triyanto, explaining. “The crocodile swam up and down the coast for three days. “We finally caught it on Monday afternoon when it swam near a river mouth.”

No doubt Indonesia’s favourite Speedo-clad lifeguard was an essential part of the operation to capture the crocodile…

The captured croc has been transported to a nearby breeding centre (which sounds good for it, right?) where the reptiles are raised for their skin and meat (ah, that’s not so good).

So, moral of the story here is that crocodiles have no business being on beaches. You crocs just stick to the rivers and you might be able to live out your full term without winding up as a pair of shoes or a belt.

Image: Getty