It’s not famed for its sunshine or sand, but Denver, Colorado has seen a huge leap in tourists visiting for its smokes.

Colorado was the first state to legalise marijuana for recreational use in May last year, and since then, independently owned, regulated and heavily taxed cannabis shops have popped up all over its capital.

Tour operators are now shipping in curious weekend-breakers who can stay at pot-friendly hotels, relax in Amsterdam-style coffee shops and even skin up in some bars.

These specialised trips are not designed for sightseeing – although that’s not off the cards, either.

Instead, tourists can choose to visit cannabis farms, to try cannabis yoga and even to attend cannabis-infused cooking classes.

It’s not all about the puff, though. Colorado still has strict laws surrounding smoking, and it’s illegal to consume cannabis, even edible products, in public places.

The legalisation of marijuana is thought to have brought in $47 million in tax dollars for Colorado, and that’s before calculating the benefits of a rise in tourism.

The other states are sure to be keeping a close eye on the Colorado ‘experiment’, so could this be the beginning of a weed-friendly America?